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About TokenSmart


TokenSmart™ [the discord] was created on September 14, 2015 as a part of nft42. It was during these "early days of web3" that the discord channel was created with the hope of eliminating the fractured vibes in the crypto community, specifically those with interest in NFTs. We wanted a place to bring everyone together and, organically, it grew. 

TokenSmart™ quickly became a safe-haven community in the chaos of a nascent industry all but overrun with rug pulls, pump and dumps, and predation. The people behind TokenSmart™ were (and are) known for being trustworthy; they were a vetted and cultivated group with a demonstrated history of not screwing people over. Where many current web3 communities have originated from a transaction (i.e. you bought the NFT and subsequently were accepted into the community), TokenSmart™ was the reverse. TokenSmart™ has never tried to sell anyone a single thing, nor did you have to purchase anything to join. TokenSmart™ was simply the place where degens with a common interest converged.

TokenSmart started as the world's leading on-the-ground NFT forum. A community of the users, by the users, and for the users.

As an entity under nft42, TokenSmart™ served the web3 community by evolving with its needs rather than attempting to control them. What started as a group to chat about web3 with like-minded people has grown to become a breeding ground for artists, musicians, techies, and normies to launch their web3 careers. TokenSmart™ became not only a place for thought leadership and education exchange, but also grew as a venue for metaverse hosted events. The TokenSmart™ crew was responsible for the successful launch of events and shows such as: the WIP meetup (former), Public School with Kane, Discovering NFT Artists, ArtOrDai, Mighty Mai in the Kitchen, and EZ’s Corner (to name a few). 

In early 2022 Trislit, a co-founder of nft42 and the previous director of TokenSmart™, heard that the entity was at risk of potential dissolution. While this made total sense for the direction of nft42, Tris could not get past the fact that, "Every fun interaction [he] has had in this space happened in TokenSmart™." Knowing that he couldn’t stand to see it all just disappear, Trislit purchased the rights and assets to TokenSmart™ in late 2022. 

And thus begins a new journey for TokenSmart™ - a company.