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TokenSmart was formed to solve a problem.

In late 2019, when crypto was in the middle of a rough bear market after the highs of 2017's ICO/Defi boom, many building and playing in the space needed a place to talk about what we were building or experiencing. We were all spread over many social media platforms and disparate Discord servers, and so we banded together to create a central place to meet. Beginning of January 2020, J1mmy launched the TokenSmart discord. Initial participants included many Crypto players who would go on to much larger scale projects, but TokenSmart was always a place to come back and present ideas, gather feedback, and discuss any bad actors we were seeing as the space grew. As more newcomers came we shifted to hosting live events using existing metaverse technologies to get others using the fun parts of what was being built, while also providing a means to communicate with the developers behind new projects.

We are now entering a new bear after running high on the latest crazy bull, but many who were building before never stopped, they just were overshadowed by those with larger followings. The next phase in crypto and NFT's are being shaped now, and we are going to focus on exposing the fun and exciting aspects of this technology so we can get back to building the future.