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Early TokenSmart

TokenSmart started as the world's leading on-the-ground NFT forum. A community of the users, by the users, and for the users.

The TOKENSMART mission:
To make space for the average user to realize their potential in web3.

Web3 innovation is under attack in two ways: centralized entities seeking to only expand their profits (a-la FTX); and the spin of disinformation that spreads easily due to lack of access to proper crypto education (a-la Twitter). We believe that TokenSmart™ has the power to be a community-led counter actor to both of these threats by providing easy to digest, accessible education for any users looking to enter web3 and a community foundation with the unwavering priority to maintain a trusted, safe space through which those educated users may enter.

TokenSmart Strategy

The future vision for TokenSmart™ spans across multiple areas:

  • TokenSmart™ The community

  • TokenSmart™ Metaverse Events

  • TokenSmart™ Social App

  • Creator Empowerment

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